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6-12L Force Vent Gas Water Heater E28 Series


minimum quantity:300PCS/Model

Delivery time:35-45 Days


Force vent with AC fan feature for more safety concern;
Constant temperature feature;
Summer and Winter Mode;
Electric leakage, Flame failure and over heat 3 protection;
Smart anti-frozen feature for freezing winter;
Anti-corrosion gas and water valve;
Zinc coating pure copper heat exchanger last longer;
Full Size reflector inside for better performance;
Electric power pilot light;
High end digital display;

Parameter specifications
Product Name Gas water heater
Gas Type LPG / Natural Gas
Gas Pressure 2800Pa / 2000Pa
Venting Type Force vent
Water Pressure 0.02~0.8Mpa
IPX Protection Level IPX4
Voltage / Power 220-240V / 35W
Model No. Flow Rate / Min
(∆T = 25K)
Max. Heat Input Product Dimension(mm) Packing Size
JSQ12-E28 6L 12kW 440*290*125 520*340*170
JSQ14-E28 7L 14kW 500*300*145 580*360*195
JSQ16-E28 8L 16kW 550*330*185 640*385*235
JSQ20-E28 10L 20kW 660*380*155 715*400*200
JSQ24-E28 12L 24kW 660*380*155 715*400*200


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